Electronical part of an thermoanalytical experiment

Experimental facilities

Methods of measurement and production
Electronical part of an thermoanalytical experiment
Image: Dietmar Güttler

We operate state-of-the-art experimental facilities with a focus on glass processing (from classical melting at litre-scale to gas/liquid-phase deposition, 3D printing and post-processing), spectroscopic characterisation, mechanical testing and digital exploration.

If you are interested in certain techniques or methods available in the lab, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to collaboration as well as technology support and service analytics across the wider field of glass science and technology.


  • Raman Spectroscopy
    • Confocal Raman Microscope with 3 Laser lines (VIS), equipped with polarization set-up, temperature control chamber, low-frequency filters, scanning stages, diamond anvil cell (Renishaw)
  • IR Spectroscopy
    • IR spectrometer for transmittance and reflectance measurements, equipped with microscope system and mapping stage
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy
    • high-resolution dynamic fluorescence spectrometer, including Vis, red and NIR – PMT detector channels, static Xe, flash, ns laser and diode excitation (several lines from UV to NIR), TCSPC (~ 90 ps resolution), integration sphere, cryostat and further accessories (Horiba Jobin-Yvon)
  • Transmission and Reflection Spectroscopy
    • high-resolution UV/Vis/NIR transmission & reflection spectroscopy (Agilent, including UMA and integration sphere)
    • spectroscopic scanning stage for large-area, spatially resolved UV/Vis/NIR optical spectroscopy (custom)
  • Other (ex-thermal)
    • dissipative quartz crystal microbalance with various reaction cells for mechanical spectroscopy (qSense)
    • dielectric/impedance spectrometer RT to 400°C


  • Optical
    • wide-field confocal microscopy (Zeiss)
    • polarization microscopy (Zeiss)
    • fluorescence microscopy (Olympus)
    • IR microscopy (Perkin Elmer)
    • Raman microscopy (Renishaw)
    • Stress-field analysis (Isis)
    • digital microscope, various objectives with optical zoom to 5000x

Thermal Analysis

    • differential scanning calorimetry & accurate absolute heat capacity analysis on glasses (Netzsch)
    • simultaneous thermal analysis (DTA/TGA) and coupled mass spectrometer for determination of volatiles (Netzsch)
  • TMA
    • dynamic thermo-mechanical analysis (Netzsch)
  • Heat Conductivity
    • laser flash apparatus for thermal conductivity and simultaneous Cp up to 1500 °C (Linseis)

Mechanical Analysis

  • Nano Indenter
    • nano-indentation platform, including CMS and lateral force units, high-load module, for determining hardness, Young’s modulus, local deformation behavior, lateral abrasion, scratch resistance and possibility to control atmospheric humidity during experiments (Agilent)
  • Universal Testing
    • two tabletop universal testing machines for tensile and compressive testing, including set-up for single-fiber tensile and loop-testing, stress-strain curves (Zwick)
  • Micro-Bending
    • micro-bending module (Kammrath & Weiss)
  • Ultrasonic Echography
    • ultrasonic echography for determining Poisson ratio and elastic moduli (Karl Deutsch)
  • Optical Strain Analysis
    • optical strain analyzer (Ilis) and polarization microscopes (see above)
  • Surface Stress Analysis
    • surface stress analyzers for chemically and thermally strengthened glass, characterization of surface stresses, stress profiles and DOLs
  • Micro Indenter
    • Struers

General Testing

  • Volume/Density
    • pycnometer and Archimedes balance for volume/density determination (Micromeritics)
    • He-Pycnometer for true density determination of dense and porous materials with small volumes
  • Refractive Index
    • Abbe refractometer for refractive index determination (custom)
    • Christiansen-Shelyubski set-up for refractive index determination and analysis of optical homogeneity (custom)
  • XRD
    • X-ray diffractometer (Rigaku)
    • multi-purpose XRD for powder, bulk and thin film characterization, equipped with HT chamber, 2D detector, x-y-mapping stage
  • Other
    • climate testing (Vötsch)
    • façade testing stage for up to 1300 mm x 1000 mm window frames (custom)
    • two solar/illumination simulators
    • scanning electron microscope, including EDX, WDX detectors (Jeol)

Computational Tools

  • Modelling and Simulation
    • modelling and simulation platform (Comsol)
  • 3D Visualization
    • 3D visualization laboratory (custom)
  • Graphics/FEM
    • graphics/FEM work station

Materials Synthesis

  • Glass and Ceramics
    • glass melting laboratory (various)
    • reactive-atmosphere furnace (hydrogen, ammonia, Carbolite)
    • furnaces for sintering, tempering, reacting etc. ( up to 1700 °C, various)
    • sol-gel synthesis
    • autoclave for materials synthesis in supercritical water (500bar/400°C)
  • Processing and Treatment
    • wet-chemical coating facilities (spin~, dip~, spray~, various)
    • planetary ball mills
    • laboratory spray dryer
  • Other
    • sweet-water microalgae reactors (custom)

3D-Printing / Additive Manufacture

  • Two-photon lithographic system
    • two-photon lithographic system (Nanoscribe)
  • Stereolithographic printer
    • multicomponent stereolithographic printer for ceramic components (Lithoz Cerafab)
  • DLP
    • DLP printer for plastic components